Confrontational newspaper columnist Kate Hopkins has been given her own chatshow. If Katie Hopkins Ruled The World will see her and a panel of celebrity guests take on issues such as class, sex and weight.

The show will be produced by Big Minded, the same company behind Dapper Laughs On The Pull, the ITV 2 which was axed after numerous complaints from viewers last year.   

The Sun columnist, who was denounced by a UN human rights chief after comparing migrants to cockroaches, will host the show on lifestyle channel TLC 

Hopkins and her guests will debate a new “rule for everyday life” which will then be voted on by a studio audience.

According to a statement from TLC, Hopkins will tackle “real issues being debated across Britain, from weight, class, money and benefits to family, sex, relationships and education.'

In statement Hopkins said: “People often tell me that I say the things they think but don’t have the courage to say. In this new show I’ll be the little voice inside their heads! Join me, and let’s see what would happen if Katie Hopkins ruled the world. It could get messy.”

Hopkins made an eventful appearance on The Late Late Show's Valentine's Special earlier this year.