The documentary Station to Station records a 4000-mile journey across America on a custom-designed vintage train, decked out with kinetic lights built to respond to sound and motion.

Presented as 61 one-minute short films, artist-director Doug Aitken’s documentary features artists, musicians, designers and photographers all travelling on the train, which stopped only to stage a series of ten ‘happenings.’ These involved performances from Cold Cave, Patti Smith, Beck, Dan Deacon, Suicide, Cat Power and many others.

While some of the short films focus on these multi-media shows, other, more reflective sections consider the journey itself with contributions from Stephen Shore, William Eggleston and music critic for The New Yorker, Sasha Frere-Jones.

Station to Station is described as a different kind of road movie, which makes striking use of the spectacular and ever-changing surroundings  through which the train passes.

The documentary can be seen at the IFI from Friday June 26.