Empire co-creator Danny Strong has compared his soapy hip-hop breakout hit to HBO's Game of Thrones.

Strong was speaking at the ATX Television Festival in Texas and said that the show's second season will be about "warring kingdoms".

"We'll see the kingdoms go to war over the throne," he said. "A thing we talk about in the writers' room all the time is Game of Thrones, so telling this modern day hip-hop soap opera but trying to frame it in an epic, mythological kingdom framework is the most exciting part of the show."

He added: "The continuation of those battles is what I personally dig the most."

After teasing that season two would feature "an origin story for one of the characters", Strong added that the producers do not feel pressure to change the show's format.

"We're just going to continue the story, because if we tried to make it bigger and better, we'd make it worse and lamer," he said.

"We're cognizant of things fans responded to, but this isn't 'choose your own adventure'. It's not like we ignore the response to the show, but we don't use that to guide us."

Empire season one continues on Tuesday nights on E4