Former U2 manager Paul McGuinness, director Neil Jordan and writer John Banville have teamed up to work on a crime drama series called Riviera.

McGuinness told The Irish Times of the project: "It’s about a sort-of French, sort-of Italian business family. This large, seemingly legitimate family business empire conceals a criminal enterprise. That’s the basis of the story.

"Everyone in the world goes to the south of France when they make a bit of money. U2 and myself were the same when we all acquired houses there 20 years ago. Nowhere in Europe is more than two hours away. The tour plane would go back to Nice after the show, and you got to sleep in your own bed."

He added: "From a dramatic, story-telling point of view, it’s perfect. You can legitimately cast any type of person from anywhere in the world and believably locate them in the south of France. You can have them misbehave, fall in love, whatever."

Jordan is the show runner and has creative control of the project, which will be produced for pay television.

McGuinness hopes Riviera will be on screens by autumn 2016.