Grey's Anatomy and Scandal creator Shona Rhimes is to publish her memoir, Year of Yes, in November. reports that a deal was reached in November 2013 for the book, which chronicles Rhimes' experiences after agreeing to a challenge to say 'yes' to the unexpected invitations she received for a whole year.  

Marysue Rucci, Vice-President and Editor-in-Chief at Simon & Schuster, said: "It's mind-boggling that the mega-talented Shonda Rhimes, one of the most admired and accomplished women in Hollywood, would feel the need to challenge her status quo." 

She continued: "But by saying 'yes' for a year, she truly transformed her life for the better in every way. Year of Yes is surprising, hilarious, poignant, and accessible.

"It's easy to imagine this book inspiring a movement and we couldn't be more excited to publish it at Simon & Schuster."