He''ll be the king of Slane Castle tonight with Foo Fighters and it appears that Dave Grohl's commitment to rock started early. A fan letter the 14-year-old Grohl wrote to hardcore pioneers Fubazi and Minor Threat has been unearthed.

Grohl penned the note to Fugazi and Minor Threat frontman Ian MacKaye in 1983, expressing his love for the bands and asking for advice. Now, a full 32 years later, MacKaye has tweeted a section of the letter.

It reads: "Good thrash so I was wondering if you could give me some numbers of people to get in touch with. It would help. Thanx. David Grohl."

The future Nirvana drummer and Foo's frontman includes his phone number in the letter and tells MacKaye that he could only be contacted between 3pm-10pm.

MacKaye recently featured in the Foo Fighters' Sonic Highways TV series.