Gillian Anderson has admitted that it will be "weird" to return to playing Dana Scully in The X-Files.

The actress and David Duchovny will return as Scully and Fox Mulder in a new six-part event series that will be launched early next year.

Speaking at MCM London Comic Con, she said: "Getting back to the character I'm fine with. It'll be fun, it'll be all of us back together again but older and wiser.

"I know we will make the most of it and it'll be really weird. It'll probably be more fun and more exhausting at the same time. I'm psyched and I'm still in denial."

Duchovny recently admitted that he was reduced to tears when he first read the script for the returning show.

He described the new episodes as "fantastic" and said that he is open to the idea of filming more episodes beyond the six that Fox recently commissioned.