The Rolling Stones opened their Zip Code Tour in San Diego on Sunday night (May 24), with Mick Jagger displaying an unexpected familiarity with American football. He called for the San Diego Chargers to stay just where they are

There are reports that the team may move to Los Angeles.“We are having such a great time in San Diego, it’s so beautiful here, why would anyone want to leave?, “ he rhetorically demanded. “Especially the Chargers.”  Cue big cheer from the hometown fans, according to USA Today, as the band led into Miss You.

The two and a quarter hour show began with the band emerging in color-coordinated outfits of purple and blue to perform Jumpin' Jack Flash, and it ended with a blast of fireworks and Satisfaction. The Rolling Stone reporter, Gavin Edwards noted the singer’s propensity to changes outfits like a Vegas showgirl, “wearing everything from red spangled tailcoats to capes adorned with feathers.”

“He sings with surprisingly clear diction, as if he were trying to settle decades-old questions about mumbled lyrics for any fan who comes to a Stones concert, “ wrote Edwards, while also noting something we have always suspected, to wit, the following: 

“What he can't quite bring himself to do is ask the crowd "Are you doing good?" and sound like he means it — whenever he enacts that particular show-biz ritual, the words sound like they've been marinated in sarcasm, suggesting that there is a corner of Jagger's soul that was never touched by showbiz. “

Keith Richards sang the usual two songs, on this occasion electing for Slipping Away and Before They Make Me Run. With that charming air of perpetual distraction, the guitarist had announced that his second song would be Can't Be Seen, adding “God knows what album this is on.” In the event, he didn’t sing it.