George Clooney has finally answered those rumours that he is planning a motorbike tour of Ireland with Bono – it's not happening!

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news to all those who were hoping to catch a glimpse of George in biker leathers this summer, the Oscar-winning actor has confirmed he has absolutely no plans to tour the Emerald Isle with pal Bono on Harleys.

The 53-year-old broke the news while promoting his new movie, Tomorrowland, in London. He said: “I spoke to a reporter a while back saying I’d like to go to Ireland someday and suddenly, I’m heading there with Bono, apparently, with the two of us on motorbike going around the country.

“I don’t know where that came from but nothing like that was ever planned. So I want to let everyone know; I will not be visiting Ireland with Bono anytime soon. He’s on tour right now, when is he ever going to get the time?”

However, Clooney did reassure his Irish fans that he has every intention of coming here - when the weather gets better. He said: “I obviously want to go. I’ve family ties there and it’s some I hope to do later this year.

"Yea, this year would be great but I’d like to wait till it gets a little warmer maybe.”