Today fm broadcaster Mairéad Farrell has revealed details about her upcoming wedding to Louis Ronan on June 5.

Speaking on The Ian Dempsey Show, Farrell, who is set to walk down the aisle in Tipperary next month, said: “It’s not a secret. Nobody cares! We’re getting married in Tipperary, a little place that about five people live in. It’s going to be overtaken by plenty of Dubs on the day."

She added: “Well I have most of my stuff bought and my shoes I have to break in but I want to break them in around the house because Louis’ been breaking his around the house.

“He had a tracksuit on the other night with his wedding shoes on, walking around the house."

Farrell said that her eight-year-old son Dara will be best man on the day, saying: “Dara is best man. I’ve heard the speech. [He’s got] one or two gags. He wrote it himself, it’s pretty good."

Not only is Dara writing the speech, but he also planned the stag.

She added: “They had a stag party here in Dublin, Dara organised it.

“They went over to the little private cinema across the road in Brooks hotel and they watched Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. There was about 12 of them on it”.