Peter Dinklage pays an ode to past Game of Thrones characters in a humorous clip produced by Funny or Die for Red Nose Day, check it out here.

Dinklage, who plays fan favourite Tyrion Lannister in the HBO fantasy series, sings about the show's long list of dead characters, while bragging that Tyrion is still going strong.

The Funny or Die clip was created as part of a larger piece called Game of Thrones: The Musical, featuring Coldplay.

The Red Nose Day telethon is being brought from the UK to the US for the first time by to raise money for charities in America and Africa.

The telethon, which will be broadcast on NBC on May 21, will also feature appearances by Simon Cowell, Jennfier Aniston, Julia Roberts, Benedict Cumberbatch, Matt LeBlanc, Robert Pattinson, Chris Pine, Julianne Moore, the cast of Game of Thrones and more.