Louis Walsh has confirmed that he will not be returning to the X Factor's judging panel this year after 11 years on the show.

After weeks of speculation that he would be vacating his seat on the panel, Walsh confirmed the news to the Press Association.

He said: "The truth is I've done it for 11 years; I never thought I would even be on TV for four or five. To get 10 was great, to get 11 was amazing - I'm not hanging around for them this year."

While rumours had circulated that he was set to be axed from the show, the 62-year-old star emphasised that this is not the case. 

"I haven't been sacked," he said, "I can honestly tell you that."

He continued: "But I'm not hanging around for them this year because I want to go back to being a manager… But I wasn't sacked, I haven't been hired and I'm not hanging around."