Pitch Perfect star Rebel Wilson reveals to RTÉ TEN that she is from Irish heritage and would love to make a movie here.

In the follow-up to 2012's hugely successful Pitch Perfect the Barden Bellas are still the queens of the acapella world, well that is until Fat Amy (Rebel Wilson) causes a huge scandal with her acrobatic stunts. 

Speaking to RTÉ TEN, ahead of Pitch Perfect 2's release, Australian-born actress Wilson explains: "In Pitch Perfect 2 I do my own aerial stunts. I trained for 5 weeks, for only a 40 second stunt routine!

"I needed the training let's put it that way. I don't have any natural acrobatic gymnastic skills."

29-year-old Wilson, who is a qualified lawyer, has been in demand for her comedy prowess since her breakout movie role in 2011. While she hasn't been to Ireland yet, she told TEN about her Irish background and that she would love to make a movie here:

"Some of my heritage is Irish so I would love to film there, maybe not in the winter. Being from Australia I am not used to the cold. 

"They were convicts, criminals basically. Bad Irish people that were sent to Australia…I have the fair Irish skin that always reminds me of my heritage. 

"My favourite playwright Martin McDonagh is Irish and he now writes films – I would love to work in Ireland and get my Irish accent on. Or a different accent but film there because it is so beautiful, whenever I see Ireland on screen it looks amazing." 

Make sure you click on the link to watch our full interview with Rebel Wilson and see that scandalous stunt! 

Pitch Perfect 2 is released on Friday, May 15.