Noel Gallagher has branded Zayn Malik an "idiot" for quitting One Direction.

The former Oasis star told Rolling Stone that is was a "strange" decision for the singer to make, explaining: "It's a strange thing for that lad to have done, at that age. The greatest quote - I laughed out loud when I read it - (was) 'I just want to be a normal 22-year-old'. Pfft! Who wants to be a normal 22 year old? Hang on a minute.

"You can be... getting paid half a million dollars a week, you ******* idiot. You want to be a normal 22 year old? Have you met any normal 22 year olds? They're ******* ****-for-brains. What are you talking about, you ******* idiot?

"I'll say this to you, Zayn: You might have wanted to be a normal 22-year-old, but you won't want to be a normal 25-year-old."