Renowned physicist and cosmologist Stephen Hawking appeared in holographic form at the Sydney Opera House over the weekend and revealed Zayn Malik may still be part of One Direction in an alternate universe.

Hawking, who was physically at Cambridge University in England over the weekend and appeared in holographic form at the Sydney Opera House, told heartbroken fans: "One day there may well be proof of multiple universes … and in that universe Zayn is still in One Direction."

His daughter and science communicator Lucy Hawking, as well as physicist Paul Davies, were live on stage in Sydney to talk through Hawking's life and work.

Speaking about Eddie Redmayne's portrayal of him in the Academy award-winning film The Theory of Everything, Hawking said he had been apprehensive about the project as the script was based on a book by his former wife, Jane Wilde. 

Hawking said: "It was surprisingly honest about our marriage. It was as close as I’ll ever get to travelling back in time."