Mark Ronson has revealed that he was waiting backstage to meet his idol Stevie Wonder but "freaked out and left" before the Superstition hitmaker arrived as he was so nervous.

Wonder features on Ronson's latest album, Uptown Special, and Wenn quote the star as saying, "It's the craziest thing, he's literally my favourite musician, singer of all time.

"I had this melody I wrote and I became fixated on having him play it and I sent it to his management... and I didn't hear anything for three months and then I get a call back and they're like, 'Book [Stevie] a studio in Chicago, he's on tour, but he'll go and play this thing', and it's just the craziest thing, I can't even believe it..."

He continued by recalling the moment he almost met Wonder, "I went to his show in Toronto that he played recently. I was waiting backstage, I was supposed to meet him and then I just like freaked out and left because I was so too afraid to meet him. You know how they say don't meet your heroes because you're afraid of what they might be like? I'm more afraid of what I might be like."