To mark the 20th anniversary of Father Ted's first episode, we've rounded up 20 of the show's best clips. Enjoy!

The show premiered on Channel 4 on April 21, 1995 with the final episode airing on May 1, 1998.

The clips are in no particular order as it's too difficult to pick a favourite and we're sure there are lots we're leaving out so let us know which ones are your favourites in the comments section or by tweeting @RTE_TEN

1. "Small... Far away"

2. "That would be an ecumenical matter"
3. "What mistake was that now Ted?"
4. Father Damo
5. "Down with that sort of thing..."
6. The Spider-baby
7. My Lovely Horse
8. Victor Meldrew
9. "They all have lovely bottoms"
10. "You men, the things you think are great fun"
11. "I love my brick!"
12. Riverdance
13. Bishop Brennan
14. "If you're a solicitor, I'm Boy George!"
15. "That was the Pope? That fella livin' in the art gallery?"
16. Rigging the raffle
17. The eye test
18. "Women's knickers!"
19. "Ah no, not toilet duck again"
20. Eoin McLove