Kicking off their new Rock ’n’ Roll cinema strand, the Irish Film Institute presents I Need a Dodge: Joe Strummer on the Run on April 24, followed by a This is Radio Clash! event at the IFI Café Bar.

The new documentary recalls Strummer's trip to Spain as The Clash were imploding in the mid-eighties. The film details the musician's search for the Dodge car that got lost somewhere along the way. 

Strummer, who passed away aged 50 in 2002, became friends with the biggest stars in Spanish music in the 1980s and even produced an album for a rock band from Granada. 

Robbie Dawnay will DJ after the film's screening with a set of rock ’n’ roll and punk classics, Strummer favourites and more. All are welcome after the film.

I Need a Dodge: Joe Strummer on the Run commences at 8.30pm, Friday April 24.