There's something fishy happening on the first episode of brand new series, The Unemployables, on RTÉ2 tonight, with Jennifer Maguire and Darren Kennedy. 

Each week Darren Kennedy and Jennifer Maguire take two unemployed young people under their wings and over a period of time make them employable.

First up are 23-year-old Waterford Student Chloe Dalton-O’ Neill and 19-year-old Jamie-Lee Connery, from Limerick.

After a lifetime of believing she wanted to be a teacher, arts student Chloe is going through a period of change and feels her career is in limbo. She has a passion for dancing and loves to volunteer, but has never had a full time job.

Jamie-Lee is a wannabe actor, who loves to spend all his spare time playing the xbox. At a job-seeking bootcamp, Jamie-Lee is given the shock of his life as he is put through his paces in a series of strenuous exercise and work experience tasks. 

Meanwhile Chloe is forced to open her eyes to the harsh reality that just because you don’t know what you want to do in life, doesn’t mean you should do nothing.

Both Chloe and Jamie Lee are pushed to their limits as they overcome their job interview fears, and we find out who will secure that much needed job.

The Unemployables, Thursdays, RTÉ2, 9.00pm