The Alien in the Alien films has been named the Scariest Movie Creature of all time in a recent poll.

The poll, carried out by The Radio Times, revealed the top ten scariest creatures with the Alien from the 1979 film coming out on top.

The Skeleton Army from Jason and the Argonauts came in second place with The Thing from The Thing coming third.

Freddy Kruger from A Nightmare On Elm Street and Jaws in Jaws rounded out the top five.

The Dementors from the Harry Potter films placed at number 9 with Dracula and Godzilla also making the list.

Radio Times' Top 10 Scariest Movie Creatures:

1. Alien - Alien

2. Skeleton Army - Jason And The Argonauts

3. The Thing - The Thing

4. Freddy Kruger - A Nightmare On Elm Street

5. Jaws - Jaws

6. Dracula - Dracula

7. Godzilla - Godzilla

8. Pale Man - Pan's Labyrinth

9. Dementor - Harry Potter

10. Chucky - Child's Play