Jon Hamm has admitted that playing Don Draper on Mad Men is "challenging" and takes an "emotional toll" on him.

The actor, who recently completed a 30-day stint in rehab for alcohol addiction, revealed that inhabiting the headspace of the AMC drama's troubled leading man is difficult.

He told Grazia: "Don is a difficult headspace to be in for a long time.

"Acting is not physically demanding necessarily, but it takes an emotional toll, especially when you're playing a person who has a lot of emotions. You can have some sad days at work."

Hamm also revealed that his ordinary life is put on hold while filming the series, which recently wrapped shooting its seventh and final season.

He said: "You are away from your family, your friends, away from your life.

"Doctors appointments get pushed aside, life gets pushed aside because you're working from 6am until 10 at night. Every day. It's challenging."