It is reported that the US Federal Aviation Administration and James Bond production company Eon are investigating the behaviour of some crew members of the new 007 adventure SPECTRE while on a flight from Stansted to Mexico where filming was taking place. 

The Mail on Sunday quote a source as saying: "The behaviour of a handful of crew members got out of hand and made things very unpleasant for their fellow passengers.

"Eon has apologised to all the crew members who had to endure this intolerable behaviour."

No members of the cast are believed to have been on board.

Among the incidents alleged to have taken place were excessive drinking, smoking cigarettes, vomiting and urinating in the aisles and the removal of a cabin door pin near US airspace. 

It is reported that the Airbus A330 had to be professionally cleaned at a cost of over £1,000 and that the film crew will only be allowed to fly home after guarantees from Eon that no alcohol would be consumed. 

An Eon spokesperson said: "We are investigating the matter so cannot comment further at this time."

SPECTRE is released on November 6.