Dave Fanning has said that he and his colleagues, the late DJs Tony Fenton and Gerry Ryan, were treated like "rock stars" during 2fm's Beat on the Street days.

Fanning, Fenton and Ryan were regular on the nationwide tours in which 2fm called into towns all over Ireland in the 1980s and 1990s.

"The whole thing was one big bloody laugh with no responsibility. What was crazier was The Beat on the Streets," he told The Irish Sun.

"We had 30,000 once out watching us in some place in Cork. We had a semi-armoured car taking us from one place to another. We were treated like rock stars."

The 2fm broadcaster also spoke about the deaths of Ryan and Fenton and said that he tries not to dwell on his grief.  

"I just can't think in those terms. I will miss Tony but I can't dwell on things," he said. "I have to think about my kids and my family and I go with that. I am at an age, 59, where 80 years ago a person would be dead."

Fanning also revealed that he had bumped into Fenton in RTÉ last January. "There was Tony wearing a cap," Fanning said. "I remember him telling me he was going back to radio on February 12 and I believed him. You know Tony never ever gave up.

"Tony wouldn't hear he wasn't well, he wanted to be working. What sums up Tony Fenton was his dedication to radio."

Dave Fanning will host a four-part special on BBC Radio 6 about Ireland's the most seminal rock acts from April 13.