Paloma Faith has said that despite her hopes, she will not be singing the next James Bond theme tune. 

The singer, who recently picked up a Brit Award for Best British Female Artist, has said that she "found out" that she will not sing the song and feels that she will "never" get the nod.

Speaking on The Jonathan Ross Show, she said: "People are shocked at my (Brits) speech that I was actually pleased because everyone’s sort of got to pretend that it’s like 'Oh great thanks'.

"No, I’ve worked for ages to get that, thank you!

"It’s all this sort of pretending to be cool. I want everyone to know I’m not cool and I’m happy not to be cool and I’m happy not to pretend to be cool."

Speaking about Bond, she added: "I also know that I’m not going to sing the Bond (theme song) because I’ve found out that I’m not going to be singing it... I think now because of the whole cool factor thing I’m never going to get it and if you ask for something in this business you don’t get it."

The Jonathan Ross Show is on ITV at 9.55pm tonight night and also joining Faith on the guest list are Damian Lewis, Josh Widdicombe and Bryan Ferry.