Hugh Jackman has recalled his first meeting with now wife Deborra-Lee Furness saying he couldn't speak to her for a week because he was too embarrassed about his "mad crush" on her.

The actor said on Live! With Kelly and Michael about meeting his wife on the set of Corelli, "I was really embarrassed when I realised I had a mad crush on her.

"I didn't talk to her for a week. I was like, 'This is just humiliating'. I was like, young guy, first job, she's the star – everyone loved Deb. Literally the whole crew, producers, everyone was in love with her.

"I just didn't talk to her for about a week and she finally called me on it and said, 'What's the deal?' And I owned up – I said, 'Listen, I've got a crush on you. It's embarrassing. I'll get over it.'

"And she went, 'Oh, no'. And I was like dying and she said, 'I've got a crush on you too'. Done."

The couple are celebrating their 19th wedding anniversary this year and he added, " We met on a TV series called Corelli that about 11 people saw but the best thing that came out of it was, I met my wife. She was the star of the series...

"I liked Deb first. It was my first show and I was nervous so we became really fast friends; very quickly we worked together a lot and she used to say, 'Let's rehearse on weekends,' and I remember going round to her house on a Sunday to rehearse and I was like, 'I love this rehearsal.' I'm thinking all the time, 'I wanna kiss her. Is that appropriate?' I was mad about her."