Costume designer Sandy Powell has revealed that Lily James "burst into tears" when she first tried on her Cinderella costume.

Powell told Grazia magazine, "Lily was just excited by everything! She practically burst into tears every time we put her in a new costume - the first time she put the ball gown on she was like hyperventilating, saying, 'I feel like a little girl in my dream dress'."

The three-time Oscar winning costume designer said of getting to work with Cate Blanchett again for the film, "If you have already worked with somebody you are already half-way there, you really are because you know their physicality, you know what suits them, you know what they like, you know how they are going to be in a fitting, you know whether they are going to be helpful or not helpful.

"You are half-way there and it really, really helps. I actually can't design a costume unless I know who the person is and it is even better if I know who the person is and I have touched them, and I do!"