ITV is planning another reboot of The Saint – the 1960s' drama starring Roger Moore that was based on the books by Leslie Chateris.

The show was revived in 1978 as The Return of the Saint, but that only lasted a single season, compared to the original's six-year run.

According to the Radio Times, the pilot will go into production in 2016 and ITV has commissioned a pilot episode penned by Ed Whitmore (Arthur & George) and Chris Lunt (Prey).

The Saint starred Roger Moore as Simon Templar, a raffish criminal known for leaving a stick figure with a halo at the scene of his crimes.

But don't expect something cheesy and light here. Ed Whitmore said: "There is a post-Breaking Bad appetite for morally grey characters. Simon Templar is a kind of Robin Hood figure - he's timeless."

The writer's new drama Arthur & George, based on a real-life investigation involving Sherlock Holmes creator Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, will launch on UTV on Monday, March 2.