Perhaps the only truly shocking thing about Fifty Shades of Grey has been the amount of business it's doing at the Irish box office and this week it continues its reign at Number One in Irish cinemas. 

The movie grossed €579,382 in Ireland this weekend, which gives it a cumulative all-Ireland total of €2,802,398. It is now in the number 5 position in the Top 10 18 certs films of all time in Ireland.

Here are the top ten grossing 18 cert movies.

American Beauty - €3,934,333
Hannibal - €3,317,156
Gangs of New York - €2,921,247
The Wolf of Wall Street - €2,861,494
Fifty Shades of Grey - € 2,802,398
Scary Movie - €2,714,706
Seven - €2,468,511
Snatch -  €2,189,209
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2011) - € 1,783,115
Django Unchained - €1,759,503

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