Kevin Costner plays an inspirational cross country coach dealing with a bunch of Mexican-American kids, in McFarland USA.

Costner plays Jim White who loses his comfortable job as an Idaho high school football coach and ends up teaching life sciences and P.E. in working-class, primarily Hispanic McFarland, California. McFarland is apparently one of the poorest towns in the USA. White hates the place, and the locals are none too welcome to him and his wife Cheryl who is played by Maria Bello.

The dynamic changes when White begins to notice that the local kids are extraordinarily quick on their feet. They wake early to rush to work in the fields, before running to make it on time to school, after which they race back to the fields.

White decides to form a cross-country squad and signs up the fastest kids. McFarland, USA is based on a true story, in which a California high school team did in fact make the annals of sporting greats.

The film is directed by Niki Caro who made Whale Rider. McFarlane USA is expected in Ireland later this spring.