Did you always feel there was something missing from future cult classic Sharknado 2: The Second One, the follow-up to future cult classic Sharknado? Perhaps a set of twin blonde poppets from Lucan?    

Well, it seems Jedward (for it is them!) are in Orlando, Florida right now with their old mate and Sharknado queen Tara Reid and speculation is growing that the boys could be about to make their movie debut in the third instalment of the shark-based terror satire.

It would be second time lucky for the boys following last year's disappointment for Jedward fans after the boys excited announcement that they were set to star in and record a song for Sharknado 2 came to nothing. 

Tara and the Jedi (as nobody calls them) first became mates in the Big Brother house in 2011. 

For the uninitiated, Sharknado is the Syfy channel franchise which sees live sharks being scooped up by a tornado and raining down on the unsuspecting townsfolk of LA. It could happen, you know.

Will it be once bitten, twice shy for John and Edward or are they gonna need a bigger boat?