Philomena star Judi Dench has revealed she wants to get a tattoo to mark her 80th birthday.

The actress admitted she's already picked out the perfect design and even has the backing of her 42-year-old daughter.

Speaking to Good Housekeeping magazine, Dench said: ''Finty's very keen on me having one.

''There's an Indian symbol that I like which supposedly represents life and love and everything.

''One of the cameramen who worked on The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel told me what it meant, but I'm a bit nervous in case I'm being set up. It might be unbelievably rude.''

When asked if she's ever considered plastic surgery, she added:  ''I've never had anything cosmetic done to my face. Do I want to? Of course! I'd love to go right and now come back with completely smooth skin. I want everyone to say, 'You must be 39!'

''But I'm much too squeamish. I don't think I'm vain enough. It's not that I don't mind the lines, because I do, but just not enough to do anything.

''My agent would go barmy. I'd do myself out of the parts for old people.''