Claire Byrne Live kicks off next Monday, January 19 on RTÉ One and here she writes an exclusive blog for TEN ahead of the first edition.

Byrne will be joined by studio guests and a live studio audience live every Monday night to discussion and analysis of the most talked about stories of the day.

Read her blog about preparing for the new show.

It's always a strange time, the last few days before a programme. We've been waiting so long for it to happen, that both myself and the production team are straining at the starting line and waiting to get going.

In the last few days before we go live, we will be in lock-down in the studio, getting used to our brand new set. The technical team need to get cameras, lighting and graphics tied down in advance of our first show.

We have planned some items ahead of the programme, but what we all hope is that we can be reactive and work with the news agenda on any given day - so we might find that we have great plans which will be taken over by events and we could have to rip up the running order at 6.00pm and start from scratch. Those are my favourite days - the ones where the unexpected happens and we run on adrenaline to get the news out there accurately as quickly as we can.

And it will be the unexpected that we hope to offer you every Monday night - both in terms of setting the agenda and the people that we bring to the table to discuss the issues of the day.

With that in mind, if there is something in your area or happening in your life that you think we should cover, get in touch at  

We'd be delighted to meet you at one of our shows, so if you would like to be in the audience any Monday night, call us on 01-2083494 go to or email

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