Jamie Oliver has said he was forced to turn down Peter Jackson's offer to appear in the big screen adaptation of The Hobbit.

The Shire came close to resounding to the sound of Mockney when Oliver was invited to cook at the director's on-set 50th birthday, and in exchange was offered a role in the movie.

Oliver revealed his missed opportunity while filming his new Channel 4 series Jimmy Doherty, Jamie And Jimmy's Friday Night Feast.

"The worst thing that happened to me was that I got phoned up by the exec producer and asked did I want to go and cook for Peter Jackson's birthday, the big birthday.

"And if I did, they would fly me over and I could be a hobbit in the film. But I was working, I couldn't get out of it. I really wanted to do it, I would have got right into it as well, I would have taken the costume home and said 'Jools, let's make love!'."