Dolly Parton is planning to renew her wedding vows in 2016 when she will celebrate fifty years of marriage with her husband Carl Dean. 

Speaking about the upcoming celebration the Jolene hitmaker said: "It was my idea to renew the wedding vows - he is too shy and doesn't like the commotion.

''But he will be glad to do it - if I tell him to. He don't like to get all dressed up but I will insist that he wears a tux and all.

''I think he will be proud to do it and he seemed a little excited when I mentioned it. He would never have brought the idea up himself.''

Parton and Dean are planning to hold the ceremony at their own home in front of their family and friends.

Parton revealed to the Daily Mirror: ''We will re-marry in the grounds of our home that we built all those years ago - it's a beautiful, old southern mansion and it will be on the date of our 50th wedding anniversary.

''It will just be family but there will be at least 200 people with all our nieces and nephews.''