Oasis writer Noel Gallagher claims to have “albums and albums worth” of unreleased music, some of it written over twenty years ago.

The singer is soon to release his second solo LP with his High Flying Birds project, but he may also release a “stockpile” of Oasis-period songs in the near future.

“I’ve just recorded an album, but I’ve still got another 30 songs,” Gallagher told BBC Radio 4, in an interview via NME. “I’ve never been in the studio with less than 30 songs … [and] I’ve had a stockpile of songs since 1993.”

Oasis recorded their global smash debut, Definitely Maybe in 1993. For each succeeding album, Gallagher habitually wrote more songs than actually made it on to the final track listing.

“We were using five (of my songs), but I was still writing 15, 20 songs, so there’s loads of stuff left over from those days”.