Sherlock's Andrew Scott will reportedly play a villain in the next James Bond film.

The 38-year-old Dublin actor, who plays the TV detective's nemesis Moriarty on the popular BBC show, will play another baddie in Daniel Craig's new 007 movie, according to the Daily Mirror.

Speaking to the newspaper, a source said, "Andrew was hand-picked for a role in the new Bond movie after film bosses loved his star turn in Sherlock. Casting directors thought he was perfect to play a baddie and they wanted to use his existing Sherlock profile - and amp it up to the next level.

"Andrew is hoping the move will see him leap from TV to the big screen, where he can eventually divide his time between London and L.A. He knows this is his big break."

The title and cast of the new, and 24th, 007 adventure, will be announced on Thursday.