Professor Green has spoken about what it's like living with wife Millie Mackintosh.

The rapper hinted that his spouse isn't as tidy as she thinks she is on the TV show Sweat the Small Stuff.

He explained: "Before she moved in with me I was living with two mates. Then when we got married, I bought a house and we were getting it renovated, so we were still living with my mates.

"And I'm not saying that they were the glue that held us together, but we've moved into our house now and it's just us two that rattle about in it.

"She used to blame all this stuff on my mates... them not taking the bins out, them leaving the lights on, them leaving all her wardrobe doors open - you seeing a pattern emerging? My mates are not there anymore so unless the new house is haunted, it is definitely her."