Gary Barlow, Mark Owen and Howard Donald say they are confident Robbie Williams and Jason Orange will re-join Take That in 2017 to celebrate the band's 25th anniversary.

The band have already welcomed Williams back on their 2010 album, Progress, and despite not being part of Take That's latest offering, III, the remaining members of the group are confident Williams will return in 2017, along with Orange, who announced his departure earlier this year. 

Speaking to The Sun newspaper Donald said: ''We want to do something with the five of us. That will be great.''

Barlow  added: ''It would be nice to put all the music from the Nineties and now on one compilation and do a tour that would have to be bigger.

''Take That is five people. Exactly when they come back is up to them. That will keep it interesting.''

Barlow also joked about the revolving line-up of Take That. He said: ''Moving forward, I do think our fans need to get used to the fact that it's going to change - maybe every album. I might be missing on the next one and Rob might come in instead of me. Actually, he'd better not do!

''Rob will be back soon. We have a good time with Rob. He adores being in the studio and he loves the process of writing with us.

''We can't wait to start the next record now. We have that excitement in us.

''There's no way this is the last album. I feel this is what I've been put here to do.''

III, was released last Friday.