“I’ve been very fortunate,” singer Tony Bennett declares. “I’ve tried to make the right choices to be healthy so I can continue to play wonderful places.”

The 17-time Grammy winner performed at the Borgata in Atlantic City on Friday 28 November. He told App.Com on the eve of the concert that he has no plans to retire.

“I’m having too much fun to hang it up, as long as I’m healthy enough to travel and make my way around stage, I’ll continue doing this. It’s a good time playing these wonderful theatres. I’m a very fortunate man.”

As well as promoting the Cheek to Cheek jazz standards album recorded with Lady Gaga, Bennett recently opened the Frank Sinatra School of The Arts in New York.

“Frank Sinatra changed my life,” says Bennett who lives in a Manhattan apartment. “He told Life magazine that I was the best singer he ever heard. I was moderately popular then but I took off and was selling out left and right after that.

"I’m still selling out. I owe Frank Sinatra something and I think the something is to keep singing on a stage. He would do it if he was still around. I’ll do it for him.”