What is on Julie Walters' acting wish-list? Surprisingly, her dream role is to play an ''outrageous'' James Bond villain alongside Daniel Craig.

Speaking to Britain's HELLO! magazine, the 64-year-old actress said, "I'd adore to do a Bond villain. Really ham it up and give an outrageous performance. Maybe someone like Rosa Klebb with the knife in her shoe.''

She added, ''And I'd get to work with the wonderful Daniel Craig. They haven't written the script yet so I've still got time. I want the world to know that this is my dream role and I'll keep praying it happens.''

Walters added that she considered giving up acting, saying, ''I had reached 60 and it felt likes, 'Ughhh!' All this white hair appeared. I thought, 'I want to stop and think.'

"I didn't do anything for a year or so and thought, 'I don't need to work anymore.' Then I realised it's not that I just want to work. I like the challenge and want to keep on being challenged.

''I'm not bothered about my face being lined and I've never had surgery or anything.''