In the first episode of a brand new series of What Women Want Maia Dunphy looks at 'gastro guilt', the daily battle women have with food and asks is it all worth it?

Maia Dunphy reckons it's time we got honest, really honest, about our relationship with food, which is why she has dedicated the first episode of the second series of What Women Want to the subject.

Speaking to RTÉ TEN Dunphy said: "When preparing for this show I thought, 'Let's not try and be controversial let's try and be really honest,' and I feel at my age now – I am late thirties – that myself and all of my friends know more than ever about food. We understand nutrition, some of my friends are almost semi-qualified nutritionist the way they can read food labels but yet if we know more than ever why do we keep falling for fads.

"Every second person I know is on a juice diet or says they are gluten intolerant or is going down the clean eating rout. We are now laughing at Atkins and scoffing at those old diets. But I wonder is everything just a different version of the same thing."

"My generation - we conquered sexual guilt but now we have gastro guilt. There is always something there to oppress us and I feel that we have a very dysfunctional relationship with food – what happened to moderation, I thought we had all agreed it was about moderation."

Find out if Dunphy gets to the bottom of why we are so obsessed with what eat by tuning into What Women Want on RTÉ 2 tonight at 10pm.