Dermot O'Leary told Ryan Tubridy that he could not be on The X Factor without Louis Walsh.

The 41-year-old X Factor host appeared on The Late Late Show on Friday (November 7) and revealed to Ryan Tubridy that Louis Walsh's dressing room is the place to be on a Saturday night. 

O'Leary, who is extremely proud of his Irish roots, told Tubridy: "Normally as a rule Louis' is the one [dressing room] you go into because Louis is fun time Frankie, you can have a lot of fun with Louis.

"Louis is convinced that his dressing room is bugged. It's insane. If you walk in and you want to have a chat he goes, 'Come on, we have to go to the toilet because the dressing room is bugged,' so you go into the toilet and I go 'Louis, you have invited half of the Irish journalists from Dublin and they are out in your room. They would be the people bugging you if it was bugged'. 

"He is a very weird man, but I love him dearly though. I couldn't make the show without Louis. 

"Part of my job is to adlib so you walk on stage when the judges have all given their critique. Everyone is being relatively supportive and then at the last minute Louis just comes in and says something totally mental. And I'm going 'thank you so much you are the guy I can relate to!'"

Watch  Dermot O'Leary on The Late Late Show below.