Jay Z is reportedly convinced that Cara Delevingne could be a music superstar if she signed to his record label.

The rap mogul is keen to sign the supermodel to his Roc Nation label, believing that he could turn her into a global music star.

A source told LOOK magazine: ''Jay is seriously pushing for her to sign to his label. Industry insiders are saying it would be an amazing fit.

''What's more, he and Pharrell have been in close conversation about their plans for her - they've worked together in the past and it's needless to say there's no one more suited than these two to launch Cara's music career.

''As far as Jay is concerned there isn't another woman around who could achieve the type of multifaceted stardom he believes Cara is set for. She has the same relentlessness and cool attitude as the likes of Rihanna or Beyoncé, plus the added appeal of being a genuine international supermodel.

"He's convinced she can make a huge mark on the music industry over the next five years.''