The Irish animated short Coda has been included among 10 films that will advance to the next stage of voting ahead of the Oscar nominations.

The nine-minute animation was directed by Alan Holly and tells the story of a drunken lost soul wandering through Dublin.  

It was funded by the Irish Film Board, RTÉ and the Arts Council.

The short animation was voiced by actor Brian Gleeson, who is due to star in Enda Walsh's play The Walworth Farce alongside his father Brendan Gleeson and brother Domhnall Gleeson in The Olympia Theatre in January 2015.

Coda is one of 10 films chosen from a list of 58; three to five will be officially nominated for the 2015 Academy Awards in January.

Commenting, director Holly said: "When you work on a short film like this for such a long time, you really just want as many people as possible to see it. So it is wonderful to be getting such a positive international response, first at festivals and now to make the final 10 films for the Academy Awards.

"In many ways Coda is quite an Irish story, and yet there are also a lot of very universal elements to the film as well, which I think international audiences really relate to. And then of course there are parts that are quite personal to me too. So yes, I am really happy to see the film take off internationally."

Watch the trailer for Coda below.