Waterloo Road star Zöe Lucker is set to depart the show in Wednesday night's episode, but it seems her character Carol will not be easily forgotten.

Warning: Spoiler Alert!

In her final scenes, Carol fakes an accident at the school in an attempt to get some compensation, but Waterloo Road's head teacher Vaughan Fitzgerald doesn't seem to be falling for her lies.

Speaking to Digital Spy about leaving the show, Lucker said: "I filmed my final episode a year ago now, but it was sad to leave."

She continued: "Apart from anything else, it was just because we'd all formed such lovely friendships while working together in Glasgow. Carol was also a character who I really enjoyed playing.

"I think it did come to its natural end, in terms of the character of Carol and where she could go."

Lucker added: "She's exhausted a lot of options just because of the way she is and the situation that she has found herself in yet again!

"Every time it looks as if she's maybe got her head above water, something comes up and she sinks again!"

When asked what fans can expect from Wednesday night's episode, Lucker said: "After all of the stuff with George and the compensation, Carol sees an opportunity to make some more money from the school. She stages an 'accident' and from there on, she's up to no good again as she's trying to get compensation money.

"I don't think Carol expects the outcome to be what it turns out to be, though! She thinks that she's definitely going to get away with it, but when you watch, you'll see what happens!"

You can watch Waterloo Road tonight, Wednesday October 29, at 8pm on BBC One.