Taylor Swift says she sends up the media's portrayal of her as an "overly emotional man eater" on her album 1989 because she felt her life was becoming "cartonnish".

Speaking to RTÉ TEN about new song Blank Space, which contains the line "I'm a nightmare dressed as a daydream", she said: "That song I actually wrote as a joke. I'd be writing from an autobiographical perspective, writing these true, confessional feelings and one day I was thinking of how the media has fictionalised my personal life to the point where it's cartoonish.

"They're written up this stereotypical profile of this overly-emotional man eater who reels them in, serial dater, jet sets around the world and then becomes clingy and desperate and crazy and she loses them but they come back but she scares them off again . . . 

Swift added: "I started thinking how complex that character sounds and show interesting she is. If I was that girl, Blank Space is the song I'd write as my mission statement on life. The song says, `I've got a long list of ex lovers who'll tell you I'm insane but I've got a blank space baby.'"

"If you laugh at yourself if's not as funny when other people laugh at you because you made the joke first." 

1989 is out now.