Actress Julia Roberts admits that if she gets her teeth brushed and lip balm on in the mornings she is content.

Talking to You magazine, the Hollywood actress  said that struggling mothers are her "real-life heroes" and she takes her happiness "very seriously right now".

 "Mornings are a high-humour scene,”  the mother-of-three remarked. “You just have to make sure everyone looks and smells clean. That's all that matters. If I actually manage to get my teeth brushed and lip balm on, I'm good."

Julia said she regularly reflects on the contrast between her own life with that of "a mother who, say, lives in Kansas City and is struggling to pick up the kids when she gets off work, or who doesn't get to choose not to go to work because she wants to stay at home with the kids".

Those mothers, she declared, are her "real-life heroes" and they include her girlfriends. The actress said she does not have such anxieties and is "grateful for that".

Married to Daniel Moder, the Pretty Woman star believes that spending quality time with one's partner is crucial. "My husband just finished a job and we went away for a long weekend - just the two of us. I think children are really important, but you can't forget your partner."