Jennifer Garner has spoken out against sexism in Hollywood, and compared how she and husband Ben Affleck are treated differently to highlight gender inequality.

While being honoured at the Elle Women in Hollywood Awards on Monday (October 20), the actress gave a speech about the gender imbalance between men and women in the entertainment industry.

She first questioned why there still needs to be an event dedicated to women, saying: "I look forward to this whole thing being put out of business. Because the fact that there even needs to be a Women in Hollywood event is a little bit sad. I mean, the 'men in Hollywood' event is every day - it's called Hollywood.

"Fifty-one percent of the population should not have to have to schedule a special event to celebrate the fact that in an art that tells the story of what it means to be human and alive, we get to play a part."

The 42-year-old actress then went on to explain how she and husband Ben Affleck are treated differently by the press to highlight her point.

She said: "So for example, my husband and I do kind of the same job, a little bit. Not long ago we both had one of those magical days, we call it a junket, where we both attended these lovely events where people come in every four minutes, they ask the same questions over and over again, you know the drill. We got home at night and we compared notes. And I told him every single person who interviewed me, I mean every single one, and this is true of the red carpet here tonight Elle, asked me, 'How do you balance work and family?' and he said the only thing that people asked him repeatedly was about the t**s on the Blurred Lines girl, which, for the record if we're talking about them, they are real and they are fabulous [Garner's referencing Affleck's Gone Girl co-star Emily Ratajkowski]. Take a look and enjoy.

"As for work-life balance, he said no one asked him about it that day. As a matter of fact, no one had ever asked him about it. And we do share the same family. Isn't it time to kinda change that conversation?"