Superstar singer P!nk has announced that she is taking a long break from her solo career and would preferred to be called by her real name, Alecia Moore.

It will come as a shock to her fans, but P!nk has decided take a break from her solo career – but she is not ditching music altogether, she is teaming up with City and Colour’s Dallas Green to form a new band, You + Me.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, P!nk – who now wants to be know by Alecia Moore – explained: "I have worked for 16 years to become good at what I do as Pink. That’s my nickname; that’s all I’ve ever been. I know exactly what to do as Pink. It’s all me. It’s not like an alter-ego. It’s like, I tour, I flip, I shout, and I cry.

"'That of course is all wonderful - but this is not that. This is just singing, ’cause I love to."

Alecia and Dalla met through mutual friends a couple of years ago when her husband Carey Hart was performing at the annual Vans Warped tour - which Dallas was also playing at.

The pair are about to release their first song together, called Unbeliever.

Alecia and Dallas were spotted in LA on Thursday making their way out of Friday night talk US show host Jimmy Kimmel's studio after performing their debut single on the show.

The episode is set to be aired on ABC in America tonight.