Speaking at the launch of his new RTÉjr programme, What's Your Game?, rugby star Donncha O'Callaghan revealed that his wife, Jenny, does most of the hard work with their three daughters, Sophie, 4, Anna, 2 and Robin, 1.  

The 35-year-old Cork native said: "Jenny slags that she has four kids. Yeah, I'll be honest she dives on the grenades around our house and does the majority of the work. 

"It's good fun though. They are at a great age now where you can really enjoy playing with them. 

"It has opened my eyes to other things that I probably wasn't too sharp on. I'm nearly an expert now on kids TV and I am quite glad that RTÉjr goes off at 7 o'clock as there is no more telly and it is bed time. 

Click on the link above to watch our full interview with Donncha during which he chats about Munster's recent rugby performance, and working with Unicef. He also reveals that on What's Your Game? he is really out shined in many different sports by all the children on the show. 

What's Your Game? starts November 3 on RTÉjr.

RTÉjr's new season kicks off with a special two weeks of programming called Awesome Autumn which will have lots to look at and listen to as the evenings get darker. A mix of brand new programming will run alongside old favourites in a schedule that offers up to 34 hours of programmes for youngsters throughout Ireland every day.

RTÉjr will also introduce a new daily magazine show for pre-schoolers, Twigín, which starts in November. Set in the magical Twigín tree house with Séamus the dog, Blaithín the flower fairy and their friends Muireann, Emma and Clara. The Twigín gang will have lots of singing, acting, dancing and games as well as going on wild adventures.